ABCMC has started a one-on-one financial coaching/mentorship program this spring. You can sign up for 1-hour sessions on Wednesdays from 9am-1pm by emailing 

Money 101 is a personal finance empowerment course that is FREE for people living in Mason County.

There is also a $25 dollar stipend for those who come to every class on time!

Click the "Upcoming Classes" link below to sign up!


Financial Education

Financial Education & Mentoring

What a Mentor Can Help You Achieve

· Develop a plan to achieve your short term and long term goals

· Build a realistic budget that reflects your goals

· How to shop smart, cut costs, and set and achieve your savings goals

· How to build your credit

· Discover resources for housing, banking, childcare, whatever you need!

· Apply to college and financial aid (FAFSA)

· Create a great resume

· Job search

· Find work experience opportunities through volunteering or internship


ABCMC financial mentors work one-on-one with clients to establish goals, locate resources, and provide introductions of clients to other service providers. We mentor our clients between 3-24 months depending on their goals and needs. This is a free service and anyone can apply!

Financial Mentoring

Educational Resources

You can also follow the link provided to find articles on financial education such as macro economics, micro economics, global economics, and personal finance!

Economics Resources for At-Home Learning

What is Financial Mentoring?

Do you struggle paying your bills every month? A mentor can help you create a budget and keep you on track.

· Financial Mentoring is FREE!

· Mentoring is confidential and  one-on-one     

· Mentoring is not advice, therapy, or counseling; it supports you in pursuing your goals.

· Your mentor will help you find the resources you need and keep you on track to achieve your goals!